Concord Royal Arch Chapter No. 71

Constituted 1830

Meets at 27, Tuckey Street, Cork
Fourth Thursday of January, March, May, September & November, at 8.00 pm

Chapter Contact:

The oldest Chapter warrant in the Masonic Province of Munster, Concord No. 71 also holds the distinction of being warranted in 1830, the first year of issue of chapter warrants in the Irish Constitution.

The chapter worked from its foundation until 1858, when a dispute caused the Chapter to cease functioning, and the warrant to be called in.

In 1908, the Royal Arch Masons of Concord Lodge No. 71 petitioned the Grand Chapter of Ireland for its restoration. The petition was granted – under the original warrant of 1830 – and the resuscitated Chapter held its first Convocation on 17 Sept 1908, after a hiatus of exactly 50 years.

Since the 1976 return of the warrant of Concord Lodge No. 71 to Grand Lodge, our Chapter retains custody of its heritage and memorabilia. Many of the members of Shamrock Lodge No. 27 – warranted in 1976 – as well as former Concord Lodge No. 71 members, hold membership in our Chapter.

All visiting Royal Arch Masons are welcomed at Convocations of Concord Royal Arch Chapter No. 71, and all Master Masons – of at least one years standing who are not already members of this branch of the Masonic Order – are warmly encouraged to apply for membership.